cmi mag digital Issue 4 - Page 15

Omar C Lemus started his journey in theatre at eleven years old inside the Oaxacan Cultural House of Theatre Children’s Company. At sixteen years old he became involved with “Grupo de Teatro Crisol” where they explore different works of drama, being the actor’s favorite. After his studies in Spanish literature and language he participated in community works of theatre and social theatre in the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Michoacán; this experience permitted him to develop a liking for the technicalities of improv and performing as a clown. In 2003 he formed part tional school Theatre of wardrobe in the tors” from José Sanchis of Pedro Lemus. In dram, “Remembrances” that was done 100% in Itandehui Méndez and in the city of Oaxaca. of the Ninth Cycle of the Na- Program as actor and designer work “Ñaque of Lice or Ac- Sinisterra under the direction 2008 he wrote his first work of as part of the theatre project Oaxaca, Which is directed by presented at the Teatro Juárez In 2009 he worked as a director with works of Oaxacan, Mexican and some of his own playwrights; of his six works in stage direction one that stood out was “Anonymous Addicted (or Which do you Smoke)” of Luis Mario Monca- da, beneficiary work for the Program for the Cultural and Artistic Strengthening of the 2012 Civiv Undertak- ing, and was se- lected to participate in 33 Shows of the Na- tion Theatre in San Luis Potosí. In that same year he was invited to participate as an actor in the cinemati- cally independent movie “The Winner” un- der the direction of Eva Benedikt. He has been a beneficiary for the Na- tional End Program of Stage Creators for Culture and Arts in the 2011 and 2014 broadcasts in the specialty of actors and actresses of theatre with the projects Classrooms in War and Two Theatrical Horizons. To this date he has participated as an actor, director, with the wardrobe, playwright and attended more than forty settings with the “Grupo de Teatro Crisol”, White Theatre, Theatre of Death and the Oaxaca Collective Theatre. 15