CMA HeartBeat July 2016 - Page 9

Member Article By CHARLES ‘JAWBONE’ McCool here. Allowing everyone to ride within their own comfort zone is emphasized. It’s not about speed or showing you have more skill. It’s about enjoying the ride. Next, you may notice that highly detailed schedules are clearly optional. So optional in fact, they rarely are considered. It can be quite relaxing when we leave the stress of “I have this, then this, then this” behind. If you want that kind of relaxation, you will find it here. You should especially notice that at these rallies the focus is on riding and fellowship. It has been said these are “bring your lost buddy” rallies. The time you spend riding and in fellowship with riders that have similar riding interests builds relationships which we know “earns the right to speak.” Plus, it’s a lot of fun as well. And, of course, what would riding and fellowship be without eating? Most of the rallies have onsite meals available in the morning and evening. Along with eating, Roads and Trails Rallies will usually have morning devotionals, rider meetings, riding of course, and evening fellowship. That is about as scheduled as it gets. Notice there are not times set. See a pattern here? The bottom line is that these are fun rallies, with fellowship and opportunity to bring along those that need an encounter with Jesus. Be sure to check out the locations at Come ride with us. CMA Charles and Karla McCool serve as Fast Lane Area Reps for Arkansas. 09⎪⎪July 2016 CMA folks have seen a flyer or promotion about something called the Roads and Trails Rallies. You may have noticed a cover on the HeartBeat that didn’t look quite like some others you have seen. Maybe you have even considered going to one of these rallies but aren’t sure what to expect or if you would fit. So, let me tell you what to expect and why you just might want to “assimilate” because “resistance is futile.” The first thing you’ll find is the mix of riders and machines. Look in the parking area and see cruisers, sport bikes, dirt bikes, quads, dual sports, side by sides, and even trikes. If it can be ridden, it’s probably going to be found at Roads and Trails. So, no matter whether you like to ride paved roads or dirt, cruise or sport, you will likely find fellow riders Most