CMA HeartBeat July 2016 - Page 7

Evangelist Article By TOM Palazzolo but their nearest neighboring chapter, Son Light Riders #354 of Reno, also stepped up and asked to help. With the approval of their State Coordinator, Greg Hubbard, they submitted an application for a float. Yes, a float. Steve says: “We wanted to design a flatbed trailer so it could carry bikes and riders for the two hour long parade. Glenn Filer of the Son Light Riders designed banners to skirt the trailer/float displaying the flags of the countries CMA is in and the message “Saving the World One Heart at a Time.” The two twenty four foot long banners were estimated to cost over $300, but when the banner printing company saw the design, they donated them. What a blessing! I then placed an order to the CMAUSA store for two “Run for the Son” Banners to show CMA covering the world to be used on the truck towing the float. We were informed that there were no “Run for the Son” banners in stock and with preparations in full swing for the Changing of the Colors Rally, there was no estimated time for them to be available again. My wife Stacy explained that the banners were needed for a parade in which thousands of people would see them. Even amidst all that was happening with “Changing of the Colors” at Iron Mountain, the order team, banner printing crew, and the shipping department responded to our need and bent over backwards so we could have them in time. I guess that’s why we call it the Support Center. God bless you all for your help!” Steve told me how members from both chapters came together for two nights after work to build the float. They erected the CMA pop up for at least a little shade. With a float they were able to show more than just motorcycles. They showed the diversity of CMA with motorcycles, quads, dirt bikes, and sport bikes. Best of all, with the banners, they were able to tell the story of CMA to 45,000 parade spectators. Steve added “We had room for folks to ride on the float while others walked the 2 ½ miles. We handed out hundreds of tracts as we walked alongside our float, prayed with many and put smiles on the faces of children and adults. We saw so many people reading the tracts (continue on page 22) 07⎪⎪July 2016 all love a parade but as motorcyclists we know parades can be a challenge for us. The area to ride in is small, parades move slowly and bikes overheat and riders too become overheated and quickly tire. Now and then, a bike is dropped. Steve Forsythe, Vice President of Sierra Shepherds #821, in Carson City, Nevada recently shared with me how his chapter was able to participate in a huge parade without the usual concerns and how they made it into a fantastic outreach. With Fourth of July celebrations and other summer events coming up, I wanted to share the innovative approach of these Nevada members. Each year in October, Nevada celebrates their statehood day. Nevada Day is the largest statehood celebration in the nation. The highlight of the Nevada Day activities and events is the Nevada Day Parade which is in its 78th year. The theme for 2015 was “One State, Many Cultures.” This gave Steve an idea for an opportunity to put CMA in front of thousands of people. He suggested to his Sierra Shepard’s Chapter that they enter a float in the parade to show that CMA is a worldwide ministry and that Run for the Son supports world missions. Not only were they in agreement, We