CMA HeartBeat July 2016 - Page 5

Evangelist Article By ROGER Wilson ceasing. We talked about praying with the authority of Jesus Himself and believing in His power to answer and to do so in His wisdom and not ours. (Psalm 55:17) We also talked about the need for the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and as a result you came to the altar again and again to welcome the Holy Spirit’s control of your life. (Isaiah 1:18) Finally, we talked about the desperate need of Christ in our lives as we fulfill the Great Commission to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD. (Matthew 28:18-20) (Matthew 16:16) In these times of change, God has a purpose for us to follow His leading. For Rayleen and I, this is the season for change. God has brought up a new couple to continue to lead the North Central Region and we are so grateful for Jay and Jane Wilber who have said “Yes” to His calling. We have been so blessed to be a part of the North Central Region for 17 years and a part of this great Association called CMA for 27 years. What a privilege to see what god has done and is doing through you, the servants of God in CMA. The blessing of being a part of what God has called us to do is something we do not take lightly. We are so humbled and privileged to be asked to be a National Director. Never in our lives did we see what God was doing in us through CMA, but God is into moving His servants where He wants them. So we say thank you to our God, thank you to John Sr. and the Board of Directors, and thank you CMA. We love you all and look forward to seeing you soon. May God continue to use you as you go forward with God’s calling on your life. Bikers for Change; let it start with ME. CMA Roger and Rayleen Wilson have overseen the North Central Region as National Evangelist for 17 years. 05⎪⎪July 2016 are seasons of change in our lives that God uses to fulfill His plans for us. This year’s Bikers for Change brought us to that change in our own personal lives and also in the lives of many of you. During Bikers for Change, I issued a challenge to let the change begin with you through searching out the truth in your personal life as well as in your spiritual life. Your answer and mine was: I need it so that I can be a Biker for Change. (John 8:3) I asked you if you really could love others as Christ loves you and your response was to come to the altar and ask God to help you be a Biker for Change. You asked for the love of God to be evident in your life since change starts with you. (John 15:12) I asked you to draw closer to God through studying the Scripture and prayer; to make your need for holiness a priority. In order to be Bikers for Change, we need to set a time apart from others and from distractions so that we can draw closer to God. (I Thessalonians 4:4) We talked about how important it is for prayer to be a lifestyle; constant prayer without There