CMA HeartBeat July 2016 - Page 3

Letters to the Editor Misty Bradley GREAT BLESSING When I am working on my sermon for the week, I take a short ride to pray and ponder on that message, stopping at four regular stops for coffee and relief. I have found that as I sit upon my trike drinking my coffee, I am frequently approached by individuals that like to talk about my trike. When they see my CMA backpatch they then ask about what CMA stands for. I explain that we are dedicated to carrying the Word of Jesus Christ to bikers and others. I have been blessed to be enabled to give them pamphlets and Bibles to plant the seed. It is a great blessing to be enabled by Jesus Christ to participate in the ministry of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. God Bless. OLDEST TOWN IN TEXAS RALLY SAYS THANKS TO CMA As always the OTT Rally would like to thank the Christian Motorcyclists Association for all the hard work they do. We absolutely could not pull this off without them. They are the first ones to greet you when you arrive and they will be there Sunday morning for church service and even bless your bike before you head home. Thanks so much for what will be eight years of service in just over one week from now! Thanks from the OTT Crew Rev. Robert DeBaun Thundering Grace #1163, Searcy, Arkansas TX-NE Area Reps, Jerry & Julie Spraggins are pictured here with OTT Crew and TX-NE CMA members who volunteered at the rally. Thank You National Staff John Ogden Sr. Chet Upp Roger Wilson Brian Betts Mike Herman Roger Marney Tim Weddle Staff Member’s Family Hilton Bell Wayman Bell Robert Burkhardt Mike Crowley Homer Davis Carl Feil Doug Garrison Reece U. Gibson Steven Golden George Hall George Hamilton Tom Hammond Neal Hart Albert Hooper Kristen Hooper Larry Hooper Edward Hoyle Mark Hoyle Greg Johnson Eugene Krohn Paul Lichtenstein LV McIntyre Barry Mickelson Ermal “Bud” Morris Jeff Morris Paul Morris Clarence Morrison Edward T. Murray Joe Neilhouse Andrea K. Parmenter Daniel R. Parmenter Paul A. Parmenter Wm. David Parmenter Bob Proffer Darren Reinhart Philip Rose Richard Schroeder Duane Weddle Phil Weddle Todd Weddle Martin White Steve White Chris Wilkins Eric Wilkins Vince Wilkins 03⎪⎪July 2016 “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13, NLT). We would like to say a special thank you to some of our National/International Support Center staff members and staff member’s family members who have served our country.