CMA HeartBeat July 2016 - Page 19

National RFS Tip Pie and Ice Cream cream fundraiser. Members donated items for motorcycles, and some other stuff, which we sold by auction during the party. Good fellowship, good fun, and good eats. I don't remember the total collected, but it was over $200.00.” Thanks to Wes and the Faith Riders; having fun together and raising money to support Run for the Son! CMA to Wes Butcher and the Faith Riders #1220 of Saginaw, Michigan for sending in this great Run for the Son tip. Wes writes: “We had a Valentine’s party where we served pie and ice cream for a $5.00 donation. Members made the pies, the ice cream was donated and we also had coffee. This was our second year for this pie and ice Thanks Don’t forget to send us your tips and testimonies. You can send your ideas and/or suggestions to Johnny Upton, the National RFS Team Lead, at Region 1 Larry Bach 425-508-8808 Region 2 Beal Trahan 303-808-5988 Region 3 Steve Gorder 608-574-5543 Region 4 Johnny Upton 903-452-7161 Region 5 G.R. “Jerry” Niver 740-771-4776 Region 6 Yolanda Moore 843-607-0446 19⎪⎪July 2016 Regional RFS Team Leads