CMA HeartBeat July 2016 - Page 15

Member Article By LIBBY Worden 1-3, 2016 was the CMA National Women’s Conference, with CMA women from all over the country (including one newborn baby). There were between 200-300 women, and many husbands, who attended events designed especially for them. The accommodations were very nice and the meeting room was large and comfortable. The ice breaker enabled us to meet others we didn’t already know. Also being able to sit at round tables enabled us to talk with even more people as we sat in different places each day. It was good to meet other women with a passion for motorcycle ministry. I especially loved the talk Becky Ogden gave on Friday night on Spiritual Warfare; it was both powerful and April insightful as she shared how much praise is a part of warfare. One of my favorite verses says, “God inhabits our praise” and what better warfare technique than praising God into our presence where satan then must flee…where the light is, darkness must flee. I must say, the most amazing part of the retreat was when Holly Ogden gave us the assignment to do a prayer walk. Most people walked the casino floor, while some walked the hallways of the hotel towers, and a few of us staying in the room to pray. When Jennifer McPherson led us in the de-brief, we learned of several heart-wrenching stories where God opened doors for people to talk or pray with those in the casino, some hotel workers, and even to bless special rooms in the hotel. I just think of how many God ordained encounters might never have happened had we not booked a casino for the retreat, and then taken this prayer walk. This event surprised me by the nationwide participation and blessed me by the many songs, prayers, messages and new friends I made (including the Reno chapter women). Although it might have seemed odd to have a Christian women’s conference in a casino, it really wasn’t that much different than going two by two into the many places where we minister each week. I’m so glad our chapter was present at this event. What a blessing. CMA Ogden shared with the group that she too had that thought when they vetted the event site – “No way was this going to be the spot!” she said, but God prompted her to “look at it through His eyes.” And the site was set. We prayed in groups and in a 'two-by-two' exercise for those in the casino and employees of the casino -- and we will not know this side of heaven the lives God affected during that week-end, but clearly God was involved, so pretty sure it will be awesome. Arizona had three of only six women at the conference that were new members of CMA, less than one year. It was so cool seeing those three 'newbies' recognized by the entire conference. We also were the ONLY three women that rode to the event. GO ARIZONA!! The praise team led us in spirit filled worship. The speakers relayed inspirational messages of HOPE, which was the theme ܈Hۙ\[KHY\X\ۙYXZ\HBYX\و^\Y[\[\KXB[[]YH[^ˈ[BY\^[\][ۈوXY\ [H[^KH[Y]HH\H[[KH[X\Hܙ[^YH][[\H^HXZ\[[Y\X\ۋ[XYYH][[[Y^H\Hœ\K\Hۙ[\[Y[و \[\HXXوHXZ\H\H[[^H[وZ\[ܛX][ۋ]][]\\\H\ۙ\[H^HXX[HY[Y \ۙ\[HY[[H[\ۘB^H]H][[^Y \]H[]H\HY\[^\[]\܂\HHۈ܈[HوBY[][Y]܈]]\X\ۈ[ ܈]\Y^HYۙHY\X\[H[HقH M]YˈPBXHܙ[[\\ؘ[ ^[K\HY[X\قPH\\Z][\[ܜL []X\KY[ YBۈZ\[][[ܙH[YH\K\]\YB[[\][ۘ[PH][ۘ[Y[ۙ\[H[[ۈ\[  \\ۛHH\][ۘ[Y[ۙ\[H[H\ۙB]Y[H\^ۘH]H][Y Hۙ]]\[HH ݙ\Y ][܈\[\^ۘH[[\[^Y\و\]Y\HBYY] ]\ \[\[\Y[[YYX][H\ۈ]\[8'[\\›[YK[Y['B\\X[ HY\\Hܝ[ۈو\[[H[šۛXX\\H]H]\B]YY H]KH[Y HXYBX[H]H]YYYH[ܙKH\]Y[[ ]H\[H[ۋ][K[X[[[[\X\[[[›ۈ\ۙH܈[\ۙ\[BH H[ۙ\Y 8'[HXB܈HPHY[ۙ\[K'HB\Y[\]]\[\\ؘ[ \\H\\XH\܈\^ۘK[\[\\˜\H]x&\Y[&\Z[\Hܙ[]܋Mx˘X]\Kܙ[H MHT]]\