CMA HeartBeat July 2016 - Page 11

Evangelist Article By HIRAM Villaseñor deal about him; his life, maybe his beliefs and his personal pursuits. I’ve been a great fan and even bought a Broncos jersey with his name and number on it. But, I have never personally met the man and therefore I have no personal relationship with him. The fact that I know of him and can intelligently carry on a conversation concerning him, doesn’t give me the right to ever claim that I have a meaningful relationship with him! Understanding the difference between those that intellectually know of Christ and those who are the “faithful in Christ,” will help us more fully understand why the witness and influence of the Church today has so dramatically diminished. Christianity has always been a matter of the heart rather than a matter of the head. That 18” makes a huge difference in our lives! I cannot imagine a more frustrating life than being a believer in Christ and continuing to expect all the blessings of heaven to be poured out on the things I do. ONLY those who are ‘faithful in Christ’ can live with the expectation of finding an abundant supply of the blessings of heaven being poured out, in and through their daily lives. Acts 17:28a (NKJV) “For in Him we live and move and have our being.” We have been called and created for a purpose that cannot be accomplished apart from Him; His mercy, His grace, His forgiveness, His redemption and His power – all of which only comes to us through Christ! We have been chosen and appointed by the Lord Himself for a purpose He designed that cannot fail when accomplished in His strength. “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me an )͕ٔȁtѥ̀)MX)Qɽ՝ ɥЁ̰ݔ 8)]%10ձѡѥ)́ȁ̄]Ёaɕ́dȁЁѕՅٕ́ ɥи]Ёѡ+qѡհ ɥӊtݡٔ ɥ)܁!́̄)1Ё́ɔѡЁѡtɕݕȁ)Ё́Ё́ɽѡ)չЁեљհ ɥЁ)ɽ͕̄ 5()!ɅMɽY͗Žȁٕ͕ѡ)I5չхÍ9ѥمи()ԁٔɕЁɥMɔЁݥѠѡ! Ёɕ͡Q́Ё܁ԁե)ȁѽȁѡ݅䁥ݡѡ1ɐٔԁȁѽɍ危ȁ剔ԁٕ)ɕȁѽЁٔɕЁѽ䁽܁͕ЁѼٔ)ѡх́Ёȁɥ͔Ցɕͽѥɕ́ݥѠ)չѕɕɽչQ͕́ԁѡɽՉͥ́Ѽ)щ̈́ɜ((NJ:ܹ̈́ɟ:)ձ((ĀMX+qAհ)ѱ ɥЁ)́ѡݥ)Qѡ́ͅݡɔ)̰ɔѡհ ɥ))t)Aհɽєѡ́ѕȁѼѡ)ͥ́Ѽѡ͔ݡ)ЁѡȁѠ)ѡ1ɐ)́ ɥЁ́ѡȁ1ɐ)M٥ȸQȁЁ ɥЁ݅́ՍѡЁѡ)ݕɔѥѡ!MɥЁ)ѡ͔ݡɔѡqѡհ ɥ))̻t)Q͔ɔЃqɕ́䳊tݡ)ݕ)́ȁѡх)́!ɕ䁽ɕ)ٕɅQ͔ɔ)ѡ͔ݡɐѡѠٕ)ѡѠɅѡѠ)ٕѡѠ䁥䁽и)M䰁ѽѡq ɥѥt)ȁѥ́ѡѡհ)ɕЁѡ͔ݡɔՔݕ́)́ ɥи%ѕЁ)Ʌ镐Ѽѥ䁅役)ݡݱ́́ѕՅ))́ ɥЁͥ䁅ѕ́ɍ́ɕձЁ)ѡаݔٔ́ѕՅ)ٕ́ ɥаݡٕٔ)Ʌ!́ѕѡȁ)展́ѡɕɔѡ䁭)ѡݡЁЁ́Ѽѡհ ɥи)1Ёٔԁᅵͅ$)ٔٽɥєщˊ)Aѽ5Յѕɉȁѡ)ٕȁ ɽ̸ ͔'eٔ)݅э́ɕȁٔ)ݥѠ́х̰$܁ɕ()ͥ((