Club Projects from Rotary District 9980 - Page 42

DUNEDIN NORTH APARIMA Meals on Wheels Opening Slide - Welcome to Riverton (Aparima) Entrance Sign. Annual Hospice Trailer Raffle - This year we will pass the $500,000.00 raised mark. We are planning on running this with the Dunedin Club going forward. Columba College - Supporting various students at Columba College. Peer Support Group - Spending time at East Otago High School with the Peer Support Group. Rally of Otago - Attending the rally to assist with marshalling for funds. Cutting Pine Trees - Currently cutting a stand of Pine trees to raise more money and yet to decide a recipient. 40 Vanuatu Trip - We have several members about to go to Vanuatu on a project shared with Waitakere to build a water catchment facility there as well as educating the locals on basics such as sewing and cooking etc. Thieves Alley Weekend - We organised the entertainment, ran a photo booth and manned the help tent. Raised about $1,800.00 some of which went to Peer Support at East Otago High. Currently in discussion - With the Valley Programme in North East Valley about a joint project. The iconic Riverton Changing Sheds at Mitchells Bay - Built and erected by the club and well used!!! Labour weekend garage sale -  An annual major fundraiser for the club. Riverton Cemetery Directory Board - Joint project between Aparima Rotary and Riverton Lions Club. Local speech competition held during the year - Judges Trish Boyle, Michelle Dempster, Mark Bermingham. Cribs and Castles - Our latest fundraiser was a showcase of 10 inspirational homes from Riverton and surrounds. This was very successful and proceeds went towards installing and building an electric barbeque at Taramea Bay, Riverton. 41