Club Projects from Rotary District 9980 - Page 36

TIMARU Nightmare on Stafford - A very scary fundraiser for Plunket in July for which the club provided security, even getting into character with realistic face painting. Hot Dog Caravan - SCRFU - 10% of the net profit of the Hot Dog Van takings at the rugby is donated to South Canterbury Rugby Football Union for the betterment of Junior Rugby. The van is in action most Saturdays during the Rugby season, situated at Alpine Energy Stadium. Hot Dog Caravan – Fundraiser Outings 33 days of use for the Hot Dog Caravan. From July to November and again from March to June at many venues, to fundraise for the local Timaru community and international projects. Outward Bound - 3 students were given part sponsorship to attend Outward Bound in the Marlborough Sounds, Anikiwa. Science and Technology Forum - 1 student was sponsored 50% to attend the Science and Technology Forum in Auckland in January. 34 Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment 16 students attended the combined Rotary Clubs of Timaru, Timaru North, Temuka/ Geraldine RYPEN event at Lindisfarne Camp in March. Timaru Club was the lead club in administration of this event. During the weekend the students participated in weeding of recently planted trees as part of their community contribution component of the weekend. Year 2 students from Aoraki Polytechnic Outdoor Recreation took responsibility for organisation of the programme and running it throughout the weekend, this counts towards their credits for the year. Rotary Youth Driver Awareness - 200 Year 12 students attend this programme run in collaboration with Rotary Clubs of Timaru, Timaru North and Temuka/ Geraldine at Levels Raceway in April. Timaru Club took the lead role in administration of this project. South Canterbury Dictionaries in Schools A combined Rotary Clubs of Timaru, Timaru North and Temuka/Geraldine programme to provide all Year 4 school pupils in South Canterbury with a dictionary. Once again Timaru Club took the lead administration role. Fundraiser for Timaru Boys High School Guy Fawkes Display in November at Alpine Energy Stadium with 50% of Hot Dog Van proceeds to the school. Support to Alzheimers’ Society - Setting up their new community venue in the Timaru Gardens. Painted the fences, provided “Heads of Knowledge” for management and organisational support for the initiative. Many individual members contributing on the steering group and in practical ways. Community Christmas Dinner at Caroline Bay Hall - Support by Rotarians and monetary contribution to provide Christmas lunch to people in the community on Christmas Day. Books for Babies - All newborn Plunket babies born in South Canterbury are provided with their first book, sponsored by our club. Rotary Youth Exchange - Timaru Rotary Club are hosting Flora from Austria this year, in collaboration with Timaru North who will host Flora for term two after she has been hosted by three Timaru Club families. VTT – Global Grant – MIHI project Participation by Julie Dockrill, club member in D9980 first VTT scheduled for May 2016 as one of the midwives selected to travel to Mongolia for phase three of this project. Primaril ѡ5ѕɹ%)!Ѡ%ѥѥٔݥɽ٥܁ɕͽɍ)ȁ͔䁵ݥٕ́х)5ݡٔɅͱѕ)Ѽ5Qԁ Ո́ѡ)ɅѥՈɅѥݥѠ)Qԁ9Ѡ]є]х)=ԁ Չ̸()5%M 119=UL)MЁٕѼM她Mѕȁ)I-̸ɝI͔-̤)Mɽ݅ɕ̽ Aɕɔ Ո́ѥѕͥ)MЁ)́Ё9܁]ɱMɵɭи()ȁՈݥѠā́ݔٔ)ٕ䁉䁅хչٔ)ȁݕЁݥѠԁ́ͼɥ)ɥЁ ѕ̰ͥх)ٕɹȁͼi(ͥѥ((((0