Club Projects from Rotary District 9980 - Page 32

ROTARACT DUNEDIN DUNEDIN Baking for the Dunedin Hospital - At least twice a semester we bake and decorate cookies, package them up, attach notes to them and deliver them to various wards at the Dunedin Public Hospital. West Harbour Recreation Trail - The project is the development of recreational spaces within the Boat Harbour, past Ravensbourne to Maia, with an emphasis on recreational opportunities for seniors, but being available to all ages. The zone is approx. 3km long. Quiz Night - Last year we held our inaugural Quiz Night and all proceeds were gifted to Friend-Link - a local Dunedin organisation that works to support people living with disabilities in our community. We had an absolutely brilliant night and it was a fantastic way to share the fun buzz of our club with the wider community. Summer Challenge - Last year Lark challenged us to raise money whilst we were on our summer holidays and not in Dunedin. Some very creative ideas were thought of and different members chose to raise money in different ways: Jamie sold fudge, Emma cleared out her unused clothes and sold them, Michael restored his Gameboy and sold it online and Lark hosted an afternoon of treats and craft where her friends also made decorative magnets that were delivered to cancer patients in Perth, Western Australia. A challenge like this forced us to get creative and helped us to share what Rotaract Dunedin is with our friends and family in our hometowns. 30 Project Starfish - This is a main focus for a few of our club members this year and involves raising money to help build a new kitchen for the Akha Academy in Thailand - an institution that helps rescue children from being subject to child sex slavery. We have run late-night BBQs for partygoers on George Street. It is a fun project and is a good way to connect with the community. Relay for Life - Participated in a super fun, all-night event raising money for the Cancer Society. In the lead up, we decided to raise funds by selling cheese rolls – a total of 2,500! Whilst it was a mammoth task, we all had a great time and loved raising money for such a brilliant cause. Attending and Running Rotary Meetings We love our connection with many of the Dunedin Rotary clubs and the opportunity to run their meetings has come up a couple of times. The meetings involve a range of activities that give the Rotarians an insight into the activities we get up to as Rotaracts. It is always a laugh, slightly challenging and definitely heart-warming. If any Rotary clubs want us to show them what Rotaract is all about, then get in touch with Lark! This is a 4 year project with a total budget of over $200,000. The Rotary Club of Dunedin is running this project and is also involving Rotaract and Task Force Green. In the past year, the focus has been on the area around and to the east of the Ravensbourne Footbridge where a small picnic area has been developed - exercise equipment is proposed in the next year and substantial planting has occurred along the shared pathway to the access way leading to Athol Place. Further stages of the project include exercise equipment near the Otago University Aquatic Centre, a Tai Chi area and barbeque facilities. Beyond Athol Place access way, more exercise equipment is proposed as is more planting. Wine Auction - Held bi-annual and raised approximately $14,000 to assist with it various youth projects including sponsoring both inbound and outbound RYE students, student to the National Science Forum, RYLA etc. OTHER CLUB ACTIVITIES INCLUDED Salvation Army - Supported the food bank with “Bring A Can”. Quiz Night - Proceeds to Dunedin Night Shelter. Christmas Gift Appeal - Gifts for ten needy families in Dunedin. We have regular working bees and have erected signage with information about the history of various places along the trail. Assistance with - Blood Pressure awareness campaign. Generous support for the project has come from Perpetual Guardian Trust, Ravensdown, Chalmers Community Board and Dunedin City Council Community Grants Scheme. We also have a number of commercial suppliers supporting the project. Street appeals - One was for St John’s. Trees for Families Relocation and planted 4,000 daffodils Meals on Wheels Mystery Dinner fundraiser Cooked breakfast - For attendees at the Cancer Society Relay For Life and the University Relay For Life. 31