Club Projects from Rotary District 9980 - Page 18

TEMUKA - GERALDINE NRG DUNEDIN PROJECTS POP UP OP-SHOP Large print phone book - Temuka Geraldine districts. Dictionaries in local primary schools Year 4 students. Shelter Boxes - To Fiji. Bookarama Fundraiser - For local community. Polio - On-going. Geraldine Wishing Well fundraiser On-going. International night - Funds to Polio. Supply picnic tables - For Blandswood Peel Forest. Meals on Wheels. Plunket Mothers - Books for babies. Battens Disease Car Show fundraiser. Primary School Gardens project Sponsored 160 gardens. Dream day out - For disadvantaged children. 16 J R McKenzie Trust fund - Distribution and support. St Johns Ambulance - $10,000 towards Temuka St Johns new building project. NRG Dunedins first club project, the Pop Up Op-Shop, was held in September last year. A simple idea, the group received donations of clothes, sorted to sell the quality pieces, borrowed an empty retail store on George Street, then sold all items for $5 each over 2 days. The event was promoted via Social Media and was a roaring success. Almost all of the clothes were sold and an amazing $6,500 was raised with the funds being used to purchase cuddle cots for Queen Mary Maternity Centre at the Dunedin Hospitals. Cuddle cots give grieving parents of stillborn babies extra time to process and say goodbye to their precious angel babies. The Pop Up Op-Shop concept was so well received by the public that NRG Dunedin ran another in March this year. This time more than $4,000 was raised, with funds being used to support Rock Solid Dunedin and to help people in Fiji who were affected by the devastating Cyclone Winston. JUMBO TENNIS A hugely successful fundraiser spearheaded by Wellington Rotary, NRG Dunedin held the first ever Jumbo Tennis tournament out of Wellington, which was kindly sponsored by Forsyth Barr. This was supported by 16 corporates, all vy rF&RFRf'7B6BCbv2&6VBBFRWfVBBFR&VVf6&W0F2FRvW&RFR66W"66WGW&F7Vv"BFRVW&vV7FW'FVG0FGF7G&7F62ࠤԕ5DUDR$UBB4U$4W7BFRf"6&7F2$rGVVF&v6VB֗7FWFR&WBB6W&6vFg&VRG2VFW'FVBƗfPW62Bf&WGb67F2FW'W6Rख7&VB'FR&G62f7FW"6G&VgFVf6R6&7F2vgG2vW&R6V7FV@B&Vf&RFR&WBFF&RvfVFFW6R6G&Vff7FW"RFvࠣp