Club Penguin Metro Chronicle Issue 9 - Page 4

CPR may be more popular than CPI

It is shocking and slightly worrying to think that Club Penguin Island's archenemy Club Penguin Rewritten, is more popular than Club Penguin Island itself. CPR began shortly after Club Penguin's end, which today has more than 500,000 players, in a short space of around 4 months. But could this mean that Club Penguin Rewritten has more players than CP Island?

Let's investigate.

We can't find out how many people play it, since many people have downloaded it, and only about half continued to play it. However, we can see what people think about it.

According to Wikipedia, ''Club Penguin Island received mixed reviews from critics and mostly negative user reviews upon its worldwide release.''

What does this mean, you may ask. It basically means that gaming sites reviewed this game, and gave it mixed ratings (either positive or negative) whilst the vast majority of players gave this negative ratings.

Let us look at the public now. Everybody who plays Club Penguin Rewritten is likely to prefer it over Club Penguin Island. I interviewed one person on CPR on why they didn't like CP Island, and this was their response:

It's not my Club Penguin anymore. It's too different.

When CPI was released, a hashtag #notmyclubpenguin went around and is likely that she is referring to this.

So, could CPR be more popular than CPI? The answer, is a straight to the point yes. And here is further proof. Recently, Ghokan137 posted a 'Retweet or Like'


Issue 9 | 16 July 2017