Club Penguin Metro Chronicle Issue 2 - Page 3

Issue 2


Club Penguin Metro have a short interview on one of RPF's leaders, Shiny

Many people want to know if Club Penguin Armies will make their grand return into the sandy and snowy island of Club Penguin Island.

Recently, Club Penguin Metro interviewed one leader from

the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF), which formed in 2007. Whilsts other armies died, RPF managed to move to Club Penguin Rewritten, with newer armies forming.

I, St Ransor am blue, and Shiny is red.

St Ransor: On what programme are Club Penguin Armies on now?

Shiny: Club Penguin Rewritten.

St Ransor: Have any other armies (ACP Nachos etc) joined CP Rewritten?

Shiny: Not that I'm aware of.

St Ransor: If possible, could Club Penguin Armies be able to battle on Club Penguin Island? Please specify.

Shiny: I haven't investigated into CPI much as RPF is focusing on dominating in CPR.

St Ransor: Ok. Last question. Could armies return to Club Penguin Island any time soon if all does work out?

Shiny: It will depend on if people are motivated to do so. RPF will be sticking with CPR.

St Ransor: Ok. Thank you for your time.

Shiny: Thank you.

As you can see from the interview, the possibility of armies migrating to Club Penguin Island is very unlikely. And even if they were able to come over, it will be very difficult.