Club Penguin Metro Chronicle Issue 2 - Page 2


From CP Island blog:

CPI player has already received his reward

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His goal was very simple and easy - to get 100 retweets. Within 2 hours he had received about 105 retweets, causing Club Penguin to fulfill their promise - future sneak peaks.

On their twitter account, Club Penguin released a short video. Though we can't put that video on this magazine, we give a little information on what it is about.

The picture you see above is the new room that is going to be released in version 1.3 on Club Penguin Island. It looks like a penguin holding a camera, with possibly a computer desk?

This is most likey going to be a newsroom, similar to the CPSN Newsroom during the Penguin Games of 2014.

''And we have our new sneak peak! Thanks @clubpenguin for allowing this to happen! Also, thanks to everyone who helped achieve this goal! - Blewberry02

Issue 2