Cloud Computing World Magazine Issue 20 June 2016 - Page 24

CLOUDINFRASTRUCTURE Internet Performance Management CAN YOUR CUSTOMERS SEE YOU NOW? Scott Hilton explains why dynamic steering is becoming the CIO’s new best friend. By Scott Hilton, EVP of Product, Dyn Introduction Your phone is fully charged, you have four bars of signal and yet all you can hear at the other end of the line is “Hello? Hello..?” It’s a frustrating scenario we have all found ourselves in at some point in time. Regardless of whether you have full signal and coverage, the person you are calling may have terrible signal and your call is dropped. Just having good performance at one end of the line does not translate to good performance at the other end. Internet performance via the cloud works in a very similar way to a wireless network. Understanding market reachability has much to do with how well people in other markets can reach a company’s Internet assets. Websites are often monitored using application performance management tools to measure how an application behaves, as well as its uptime. Monitoring known paths across the Internet such as the links between data centres or links to partners providing website content is also not uncommon. The focus is on how the company is connected to the Internet; controlling the ‘controllables’. But that’s just one part of the puzzle and while it might seem harder to do so, you also need to consider how your customers connect to you. Out Of Reach Today, customers don’t view connection glitches as an issue with the Internet as a whole, and will be quick to assume that the problem is with an organisation’s website. Internet outages and instabilities, many of which most businesses are blind to, happen every single day. Protocols, cables, connection points, congestion, millions of machines and the general fabric of the 24 CLOUDCOMPUTING Infoburst: Some global companies could be connecting to customers in up to 800 markets.