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YOUR COMPLETE PROMOWEAR SUPPLIER Basic, Classic or Premium? All our garments are developed with the importance of being a good bearer of your brand’s message in mind. This includes choosing good quality that can handle different printing methods and being washed often, lots of colours to choose between to match your business and sizes with good fitting for men, ladies and junior to make sure everyone in your corporate can wear your brand with pride. We are also providing tailor made solutions. That’s where Clique ® Basic, Classic and Premium comes in. In these categories you can easily find different kind of products that covers all your needs and they are made to match each other in looks, quality, colours and price range. You choose what is most important for your business. Clique ® Basic is the core of what Clique ® stands for – good quality garments, a wide assortment and lots of colours for a very good price. Many of them comes in both ladies, men’s and junior sizes, with lots of space to present your brand on as clearly as possible. Clique ® Classic is a natural choice for you who demands more of your clothes. We are making them in top quality with good fitting and a wide variation of colours and sizes for both ladies and men and we always keep them on stock for a faster delivery. With top quality, decorative details and special treated materials our Clique ® Premium is top of the clothes chain within Clique ® to lift your brand. 6 Info