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YOUR COMPLETE PROMOWEAR SUPPLIER Care instructions Although we are most careful in our choice of materials, workshops, production methods and products to ensure high quality, you also ains- tructions on its care are given with symbols and text in all our garments. An explanation of the symbols most commonly used are given below. The tub shows that the garment may be hand or machine washed, and the number shows the recommended water temperature. Takes normal spin cycle. It is as important not to wash the garment in too cold as in too hot water. For example, bleeding can occur much easier at 40°C than at 60°C, depending on the dyes used. Therefore always follow the given temperature. A crossed tub means that the garment may not to be water washed. A circle means that the garment may be dry cleaned. The letter in the circle gives the chemical to be used in dry cleaning. A crossed circle means that dry cleaning is not allowed. The triangle means that the garment may be chlorine bleached. The letters Cl in the triangle is the chemical term for chlorine. The crossed triangle means chlorine bleach is not allowed. The symbol of the circle within the square means that the garment may be tumble dried. This symbol crossed means that tumble drying is not per- mitted. It is especially important that this instruction is observed because this is the only drying method that can damage a garment made of fabric that does not take tumble drying. Preparation before washing clothes: The iron shows that the garment may be ironed or heat pressed. One or more dots in the symbol shows the iron setting. • Always sort and wash laundry accor- ding to care instructions; 40°, 60°C etc. • Wash dark colours separately. • Follow the advice on dosage given by the detergent manufacturer. ••• Hot iron (highest 200°C) •• Warm iron (highest 150°C) • Cool iron (highest 110°C) If you have any questions about quality, care, etc., please feel free to call us. A crossed iron means that the garment should not be ironed or pressed with heat. Avoid ironing the print on printed garments, (even on the reverse side of the print). Symbols WP The symbol is used for fabric that is waterproof from 2000 WP or more. Breathable. Ladies cut. EASY TO IRON Easy care – the garment is easy to iron and press. Men’s style. UV protected fabric. The value under indicates how much. Junior size UV 126 Wind resistant New this season. High visibility colour Taped seams. Spun dyed New colour for the season.