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YOUR COMPLETE PROMOWEAR SUPPLIER About print and embroidery. Different printing methods are required for good quality and durability. The method to use depends on the product to be printed. Below, we have compiled a short and simple guide, explaining the differences between the printing methods used for textile products. [ A ] SCREEN – The easiest, cheapest and very often the best printing method. Used for T-shirts, sweatshirts and other easy ready-made clothing. [ B ] TRANSFER – Preferably used for the same products as above, but will provide a more detailed result and more distinct colours. The transfer print can be stocked for imme- diate application. [ C ] DIRECT EMBROIDERY – Creates an impression of exclusivity and class. This method is excellent for jackets, terry cloth, knitwear and shirts. [ D ] WOVEN EMBROIDERY – Woven embroidered labels are extremely detailed and very distinctive. These labels can also be stocked for reproduction. [ E ] EMBOSSING – A printing method that punches the print onto the fabric three-dimensionally. The effect is like blind-stamping – discreet and exclusive. This method can be used on most materials, but preferably on cotton, polyester and fleece. 122