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YOUR COMPLETE PROMOWEAR SUPPLIER 99 99 Backpack 040103 Bike Bag Expand 040102 Backpack with a stable carrying system for the highest comfort. It has an adjustable and lockable waistband and a phone pocket. Your wallet is protected from thieves via a pocket in the back. Functional business bag that can be made 7cm bigger by pulling a zip. It has a detachable mobile phone holder and can be used in conjunction with article 040122 Clique Trolley II. Quality: Measure: Volume: Quality: Measure: Volume: 600D polyester coating PVC. 33x42x17 cm ≈ 23 l 600D polyester coating PVC. 40x30x10 cm ≈ 12 l (expanded ≈ 20 l) 99 99 Travel Bag 040101 Computer Bag 040127 Bag with a “U” shaped opening to make packing easier. It has several outer pockets and a stable carrying system. Computer backpack that can also be used as a case. Includes two large pockets that contain zipped pockets with space for cables and computer accessories. Shoul- der straps at the back which can be concealed. Adjustable and removable shoulder strap, rubber handles and rubber corners. Reflective piping at the front. Quality: Measure: Volume: 112 Bags 600D polyester coating PVC. 54x29x30 cm ≈ 46 l Quality: Measure: Volume: 600D polyester coating PVC. 30x43x12 cm ≈ 15 l