Clinton Visitors Guide 2019 - Page 89

area industry 3m Clausen Companies Custom-Pak, Inc. 22614 Route 84 North | Cordova, IL 309-654-2291 | 2100 South 21st Street, Suite A | Clinton, IA 563-242-4995 | 86 16th Avenue North | Clinton, IA 563-242-1801 | 3M Cordova is a high-tech, two-factory facility consisting of electronic materials and internal materials manufacturing. 3M Cordova makes a wide variety of specialty chemicals and adhesives. They blend, react, and purify hundreds of products using a wide variety of technol- ogies throughout the plant. Ultimately, these products are used by other 3M manufacturing facilities or go into indus- trial, commercial, and consumer applica- tions around the world for a broad range of customers. Clausen Companies is a family owned business headquartered in Clinton that is a provider of warehousing, trucking and staffing services. Servicing local and national firms with distribution and trans- portation needs, the company’s fleet of trucks delivers goods, locally, regionally and nationally. The Clinton business is one of the world’s largest blow-molded parts man- ufacturers and a leading provider of ad- vanced blow-molding technology. Administrative United States Penitentiary 1100 One Mile Road | Thomson, IL The Administrative United States Peniten- tiary in Thomson, Illinois, has hired 219 employees. Once fully operational, the prison is expected to have a capacity of 1,900 inmates (including some rated maximum security) and approximately 1,100 employees. Climco Coils 701 Klimstra Ct | Morrison, IL 815-772-3717 | Located in the Morrison Industrial Park, Climco Coils engineers coils for original equipment manufacturers specializing in smart coils, coil encapsulation, design & prototyping, creative tooling, and preci- sion winding. Clinton County Bio-Energy 5640 44th Avenue South | Clinton, IA 563-522-2344 | Agri-King The first plant in the Lincoln Way Railport property, Clinton County Bio-Energy is a 10 million gallon per year Biodiesel refin- ery in Clinton. 18246 Waller Rd | Fulton, IL 815-589-2525 | Clysar, LLC Fulton, IL., houses this animal nutrition company. Agri-King helps livestock pro- ducers get the most out of each pound of feed and head of livestock with its analysis and products. Archer Daniels Midland 1251 Beaver Channel Pkwy | Clinton, IA 563-242-1121 | ADM manufacturing plants in Clinton help produce energy, and turn crops such as corn, oilseeds, wheat and cocoa into food ingredients, animal feeds and agri- culturally derived fuels and chemicals. Bus Hwy 67 | Camanche, IA 563-244-4321 | Clysar Company in Camanche is a major supplier of flexible packaging used by food, consumer products, medical and pharmaceutical companies. Collis Tool Corporation 41 23rd Avenue North | Clinton, IA 563-259-2454 | Located in Clinton. Produces shelving, baskets and accessories for refrigera- tion equipment. DAR PRO Solutions 1423 Beaver Channel Pkwy | Clinton, IA 563-242-9200 | DAR PRO Solutions is a national brand combining the products and services of Darling Ingredients Inc. and its whol- ly-owned subsidiary, Griffin Industries, LLC. The DAR PRO Solutions brand creates sustainable ingredients and pro- vides professional services for restau- rants, food-service establishments, animal and meat processors, super- market butchery departments, and feed manufacturers. The Egging Company 2221 16th Avenue South | Clinton, IA 563-242-4242 | The Egging Company offers complete, start-to-finish processing of heavy steel plates, from burning, shearing, and weld- ing to painting and more. They provide the highest quality steel fabrications to both small and large customers with a wide diversity of needs. Exelon 22710 206th Avenue North | Cordova, IL 800-483-3220 | The Cordova, IL., plant operates a nu- clear power plant and is capable of pro- ducing enough electricity to power more than 1.5 million American homes. Fulton Corporation 303 8th Avenue | Fulton, IL 800-252-0002 | Located in Fulton, IL, Fulton Corporation Visitor And Newcomer Guide | 2019 89