Clinton Visitors Guide 2019 - Page 33

education clinton high school clinton middle school Middle prince of peace Camanche Middle School College 1400 9th Street | Camanche, IA 563-259-3014 | Clinton Community College Clinton Middle School 1350 14th St, NW | Clinton, IA 563-243-0466 | Morrison Jr. High School 305 E Winfield Street | Morrison, IL 815-772-7264 | Prince of Peace 312 S 4th Street | Clinton, IA 563-242-1663 | River Bend Middle School 415 12th Street | Fulton, IL 815-589-2611 | www. Unity Christian 711 10th Street | Fulton, IL 815-589-3912 | High 1000 Lincoln Blvd | Clinton, IA 563-244-7001 | Started in 1946, Clinton Community College has seen a continued increase in facilities and students in the past few years. The college recently set another record-high enrollment number and expansion efforts include a technology center, science center and a new construction in Maquoketa. The institution offers college credit courses, community education classes, adult education classes and business and industry training. The community college is an accredited college, allowing them to offer credit transfers to major universities. Clinton Community College Technology Center 1951 Manufacturing Dr | Clinton, IA 563-244-7010 | The Clinton Community College Technology Center is a state-of-the-art training facility situated in Clinton’s manufacturing area, approximately one mile from the main campus. The 24,000-square-foot facility houses three credit programs and the college’s Business and Industry Services. Among those 3 programs are Graphic Arts Technology, Engineering Technology and Computer Aided Design/ Drafting. Camanche High School Morrison Institute of Technology 937 9th Avenue | Camanche, IA 563-259-3008 | 701 Portland Avenue | Morrison, IL 815-772-7218 | Clinton High School Morrison Institute of Technology is a two-year college that specializes in engineering technology and providing program emphasis in Computer Aided Design & Drafting, Surveying, Building Construction, Highway Construction, Soils & Materials Testing and System and Networking Administration. The college is licensed by the Illinois Board of Higher Education to grant the Associate in Applied Science degree. All classes, except those offered as professional level courses, are day classes and are on campus. On campus dormitory apartment style housing is available. 817 8th Avenue | Clinton, IA 563-243-7540 | Fulton High School 1207 12th Street | Fulton, IL 815-589-3511 | Morrison High School 643 Genesee Avenue | Morrison, IL 815-772-4071 | Prince of Peace Catholic Academy 312 S 4th Street | Clinton, IA 563-242-1663 | Unity Christian Senior High School 711 10th Street | Fulton, IL 815-589-3912 | clinton community college Morrison Institute of Technology Visitor And Newcomer Guide | 2019 33