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Top: The owners opted for a monochromatic black-and-white palette on the interior. The kitchen, by Palazzo Kitchens & Appliances, features white lacquered cabinets and large-format floor tiles. Right: Blonded timber walls and a painted Gib wall line the stairwell. Facing page: Outdoor living can be enjoyed most of the year, thanks to commercial heaters suspended from the sarking. search | save | share at aluminium cladding in the custom colour Silver Comet Satin. Eldorado Stone schist columns complement the grey and convey the look of a lodge. To maximise the lake views, the large, open-plan living area is on the second storey. Sliding doors open up the space to a long balcony and a deck at one side. Sliding aluminium louvres in the colour Ironsand provide shelter from the wind. There are also fixed louvre awnings that screen the sun and bring a human scale to the front elevation. The Farmers chose a solid blonded wood interior. The knot-free wood enhances the streamlined, contemporary feel of the home. The sarking extends out to the eaves, reinforcing the indoor-outdoor connection. For a crisp look, some walls are painted Gib.