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Ticks all the boxes When the owners of this new holiday home decided to build, they invited submissions from interested builders. The Lockwood design-and-build home they chose has exceeded their expectations Above and facing page, top: This holiday home in Kinloch features a custom design by Lockwood. To give the home the look of a lodge, the columns are clad in Eldorado Stone schist, which is contrasted by low-maintenance Silver Comet Satin aluminium cladding. Facing page lower: Knot-free solid blonded timber walls and clerestory windows help to make the interior light and airy. Living areas are on the second storey, to maximise the view. Holiday homes are all about low maintenance, maximising a great view and catering to a laid-back lifestyle. All these factors came into play with this new Lockwood home, which was designed and built by Taupo franchisee Peter Richards Builders. Owners Peter and Dianne Farmer say they approached several high-profile home builders, inviting submissions search | save | share at for the design and construction of their Kinloch holiday home at Lake Taupo. “Because this is a second home, we wanted to combine the benefits of modern apartment living, with the look of a lodge,” says Peter Farmer. “Lockwood Taupo presented a winning design, which we hardly changed. There are not many things in life that you can say have exceeded your expectations, but this home is one of them. We come here for a break and find we never want to leave.” The Farmers say they had always liked the idea of a Lockwood home, especially the low-maintenance aspect. “This was partly why we wanted apartment-style living,” he says. The exterior of the home is clad in Lockwood’s patented