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not looking out to the best view, because the family living space is where everyone gathers,” says one of the owners. To achieve these aims, the couple commissioned a custom design from the Lockwood Rodney/West Auckland franchise – Coast to Coast Homes. The couple chose a solid blonded wood interior, which they have teamed with neutral furnishings and a galley-style kitchen with white lacquered cabinets. “The people and the view provide all the colour we need,” they say. Large sliders open up the entire living space to a long veranda that wraps around the house. The glazing, including a band of clerestory windows, ensures there is plenty of natural light coming inside. The couple say the finished home has exceeded their expectations. “It is a simple design, and we are thrilled with the result. We also appreciate the low-maintenance factor – this is why we opted for the traditional Lockwood aluminium sheathing as opposed to a cedar exterior, which we also love.” Facing page, top: A soaring, monopitched roof allows space for clerestory windows in this new Lockwood holiday home, so the interior is flooded with natural light. The family living area occupies the entire front of the house, opening up to a wrap-around veranda. The home was built by the Lockwood West Auckland/Rodney franchise, Coast to Coast Homes. Facing page, lower and above: The owners chose a solid blonded wood interior that fits with the beach aesthetic. Black dining chairs and leather sofas provide visual contrast, yet keep the look calm and neutral. search | save | share at