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help reduce heat loss in winter. EECA says choosing an efficient waterheating system is another way to make dramatic energy savings. “Heat pump water heaters or solar water heating can meet about 50% of your hot water requirements, but needs to be part of an efficient hot water system, with managed water-flow showers and short, well-insulated pipe runs,” says Tromop. Undertaking a little research into home heating options is another recommendation. EECA suggests choosing an efficient heating system – some heating solutions cost half as much to run as others. “Taking the time to investigate these options will make a huge difference to your family’s comfort and energy costs,” says Tromop. “Energy savings in the home also have a positive flow-on effect for the environment.” For details, visit the EECA website: Save or share this article online at Above left: Built from pine – a renewable plantation resource – the walls and ceiling incorporate high-performance fibre-backed glass insulation made from 75-80% recycled material. The insulation helps trap the heat from the sun in winter. It also keeps the interior cool in summer. Above: Other energy-efficient features include double glazing and passive solar heating. Low-emission paints and surfaces were used throughout the house. The architect specified that the house exceed all government building code requirements. view article online at