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When talk turns to the history of this country, sooner or later reference is made to the tyranny of distance. However, what served to keep many folk away for so long also produced an environment that is uniquely ours. As we’ve matured as a country we have taken the best of what our forebears brought with them and adapted it to suit this environment. The result is an affinity with the land that expresses itself in the very homes we build. A little over 60 years ago, design and build firm Lockwood was established, and since that time has grown to become one of the most recognised and trusted names in the business. Today, the company offers some of the most dynamic and eco-friendly house designs available in the market, says Lockwood authorised builder Julie Batt of Lockwood Southern Lakes. “As well as being conscious of the impact to the environment throughout the building process, Lockwood has always stayed abreast of current design trends.” Preceding pages: Based on the Gullwing design by Lockwood, this expansive house was built by Thomas and Julie Batt of Lockwood Southern Lakes. Above left: In the entry and gallery space high ceilings and ample natural light contribute to the overall amenity of the home. Above: A seamless connection to the outdoors was a high priority for the homeowner. Lockwood Southern Lakes adapted the Gullwing plan to provide an expansive 12m opening in the living area to open the house to the surroundings. view article online at