Client Books - Page 42

Above: On the inside of the Lockwood home, the walls are lined with blonded pine chosen for its absence of knots. The roof is supported by four ridge beams that meet at a pyramid skylight. The steel structure supporting the skylight is clad in pine. Manufactured lava stone clads the chimney, which serves fireplaces both inside and out. Right: Breezeways linking the three pods have fully glazed walls that enhance the link to the outdoors. view article online at architect Jorgen Frandsen of Ambienti Team Architects – the Lockwood franchisee for Tauranga – who came up with a design that comprised three square cedar-clad pods linked by fully glazed breezeways,” says Richards. “These large pods are stepped back from the lake so they all afford views. The architect built a model for the clients, complete with a lift-off roof. This helped the owners visualise the finished house.” The pod closest to the lake accommodates the master suite, a library-home office area and a second bedroom and bathroom. The central pod contains the open-plan living area and kitchen. The third pod houses a self-contained apartment and garage. Living areas and bedrooms open out to extensive terraces,