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the interior at night, when temperatures drop. Porcelain tile floors optimise this heat gain. The home has underfloor heating, economically powered by solar panelling. To complete the green picture, argon-filled double glazing and thermally broken joinery avoid energy loss. To discuss your new home building requirements with us, contact Lockwood Homes, phone 0508 LOCKWOOD, or go to: search: 47993 or Lockwood at Above: Gleaming porcelain floors over a centre-level concrete slab floor contribute to the home’s passive heating design. Stone countertops and the under-lit sculptural island might look like custom add-ons but are standard fare for a Lockwood. The homely display niches to the right were a client request, however. Left: The Lockwood design optimises space and light. The understated pale wood and tile interiors complement the home’s verdant hillside location. search | save | share at