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Space, light and lifestyle This Lockwood home offers every advantage from green living to personalised interiors Above: Reflecting on nature – this Lockwood home, built by Wellington franchisee Tuohy Homes, offers green outlooks and green design. The house has two decks – one serving the generous living spaces on the mid level, the other accessed by the master suite and home office on the floor above. The house also has a sheltered, low-upkeep yard to the rear so there is always a sunny, sheltered outdoor space to enjoy. Having a broad range of pre-existing plans to choose from doesn’t have to place limitations on your individual dreams. That’s if you choose a housing company with the knowledge and skill set to take your passion and run with it. This home with generous harbour views by Lockwood Wellington franchisee Tuohy Homes is a case in point. In terms of layout, the house is engineered to negotiate a steep Wilton site – stepping down the hill over split levels. The layout is specific to the owner’s needs with the master suite upstairs, living and two more bedrooms downstairs and a self-contained search | save | share at guest wing to one side. A generous-sized double garage and workshop are tucked in underneath. Director Brent Tuohy says that while modern Lockwoods are well known for being warm and energy efficient due to their wood construction, it is possible to take things even further – which is what the homeowners desired here. “Lockwood homes by their nature optimise passive heating, but the clients wanted their home to take sustainable living to the next level.” To achieve this, the main living floor has a concrete slab floor, designed to absorb the sun’s warmth during the day and release it back into