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ALL PHOTOS Design and Build Working closely with you, our talented and experienced designers can help you put your dreams on to paper and then into ‘bricks and mortar’, taking care to work within your set budget. We focus on ensuring that your building project fits within the financial limits set by you. It’s like having your own architect – without the expense or the wait. The perfect fit Sometimes the most beautiful outlooks can also be the most challenging. The Design and Build option comes into its own for sites that are small, sloping, unusually-shaped, or have a view to an awkward aspect. Expert designers can tailor your home to not only fit the lie of the land, but also use it to its best advantage to make the most of space and natural light. A home that works for you Design and Build allows you to build a home that works for you. It is much easier to build a granny flat, office, or home studio at the start, rather than trying to factor in extra space later. Turning dreams into reality Often we have an idea – or collection of ideas – of what our dream home looks like, but bringing those ideas together can prove difficult. With Design and Build, Landmark Homes gives you the freedom to dream, with the practical help and expertise needed to make your ideas work together. To help crystallise your ideas, we recommend investing in a scrapbook. If you see something you like, be it in a magazine or on the Internet, print it out and add it to your book of dreams and you will soon start to see patterns emerge. Visit your site at different times of day to see how the light falls and visualise where you want your rooms and outdoor living spaces situated to make the most of the sun. When choosing a home, it is important that it not only looks fabulous, but is also super functional. If you work from home, plan to have your parents living with you in their old age or have a teenager who plays the drums, ideally it should be factored into the design. w w w.l andmar k h om e s. c o. n z | 7