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Process So, you are thinking about building a new home and you are interested in finding out more about what Landmark Homes has to offer. The first step is to meet with us to discuss your ideas, your needs and wants, your hopes and dreams. Does your intended building site already have a house on it? Yes Landmark Homes has three distinct options – Design and Build, Ready to Build, and Remove and Rebuild. Whichever option you choose, our team will expertly guide you through the various stages of building your home to ensure it is exactly how you imagined – with no hidden surprises. No Great! You have a site that is a clean slate. This means you can proceed straight to the design phase, choosing from one of the two following options. Remove and Rebuild If you want to replace the house you currently live in or have your eye on a site that has a less than desirable building on it, Remove and Rebuild could be the way to go. Project Evaluation We visit the site to carry out an initial assessment. A multitude of factors are scrutinised, including whether the existing building/s can be relocated or removed successfully, how the site can be best utilised, if there are any restrictions or covenants in place, if there are any potentially hazardous materials, location of utility services and their size, access for trucks and earthmoving equipment, slope of the site and tree locations. Planning Led by your vision, and taking into account the unique characteristics of the site gleaned from the evaluation, we meet with you again to discuss what is possible. At this point, we offer you two options: Design and Build, or Ready to Build. 84 | w w w. l a n d m a r k h o m e s. co. nz Design and Build Our Design and Build option is for those who want a uniquely designed home, or require a specialised design to fit their chosen site. It is like having an architect, except we manage the whole process, being careful to stay within your intended investment. Ready to Build Although our Ready to Build option offers ‘ready-made’ designs, we see it very much as a starting point. Choosing from our existing plans is a simple way of finding the type of design that appeals to you. Once you have chosen a design that you like, we work alongside you to fine-tune it to suit your lifestyle, needs and wants. * The timing of the Building Contract preparation and signing can differ between franchises. Working closely with you, we come up with a full creative design brief, covering every possibility, including the overall project investment. We present you with Concept Plans, including estimated costs, allowing you to approve these and the specification before Preliminary Plans are produced. Three-dimensional Preliminary Plans are drawn up, including the site plan, floor plan and elevation. Once Preliminary Plans are approved, Landmark Homes completes the Working Drawings, fine tuning details such as window openings, materials and room sizes. You meet with the kitchen designer to finalise the layout, plans and design details. You are presented with Full Working Drawings and, once you have approved these, Building Contracts are prepared and signed.* Working Drawings are submitted to Council for the appropriate consents, and once uplifted: Building begins on your new home!