Client Books Landmark Homes - Page 56

Orakei 207.4m2 An ultra-modern inner city style townhouse, the Orakei design features upstairs living maximising privacy and sun, especially in a built up location. The exterior has louvres over selected windows enhancing privacy, and block walls in areas for location close to boundaries, and as a textural change. The master suite is on the upper floor with the living spaces. A large deck with louvered overhang is on the side of the home and can be relocated to the end, if site width is an issue. A very flexible design that is easily adapted for a compact site.                     Special Features n Upstairs living and master suite Two bedrooms with bathroom downstairs n Open plan kitchen, dining and living rooms offers sense of space n Weatherboard exterior with modern textural contrast n Compact footprint to suit smaller sites  n            UPPER LEVEL      54 | w w w. l a n d m a r k h o m e s. co. nz  Lower Floor Area Upper Floor Area Garage Area Total Floor Area Porches and Balconies Total Area Overall Dimensions (including side deck) 61.1m2 105.5m2 40.8m2 207.4m2 21.0m2 228.4m2 14.6m x 12.1m