Client Books Landmark Homes - Page 48

Leigh 207.8m2 A large expanse of glass in the floor to ceiling windows and doors makes this compact modern townhouse light and attractive. Exterior detailing, like the extended walls and louvered panels over the front door and porch area off the living spaces, adds to the character. Downstairs is all about living, with the dining room opening to a covered outside area. Careful thought has been given to the aspects of the rooms to ensure maximum sun and warmth is achieved. The Leigh is the ideal townhouse layout for compact sites where privacy is important. Western access is ideal for this design, but it is well suited to rotate or mirror image for virtually any site. Everything you need is packed into a well-planned but minimal footprint.                Special Features     n Luxurious master suite and other bedrooms upstairs Open plan kitchen, dining and living rooms with covered outdoor area n Board and batten and Stria cladding n Small footprint is ideal for compact sites n Exterior detailing adds to character of home  n         UPPER LEVEL        46 | w w w. l a n d m a r k h o m e s. co. nz     Lower Floor Area 82.1m2 Upper Floor Area 86.3m2 Garage Area 39.4m2 Total Floor Area 207.8m2 Porches 24.5m2 Total Area 232.3m2 Overall Dimensions 14.4m x 14.8m