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RIGHT Digital Lockset FAR RIGHT Brookside design Technology You’ve heard of keyless cars, but what about keyless houses? With the technology available today, you need never worry about locking yourself out of your house again. Gaining entry to your home could be as simple as fingerprint recognition, sending a text message from your mobile phone or tapping a code into a keypad. These are just some of the ingenious inventions that make modern living, easy living. If it all sounds a little bit James Bond, don’t worry, we are here to help. At Landmark Homes we have done our homework – so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest developments in home technology so that we can advise home buyers on what options are available to make their homes clever, comfortable and customised to suit them. Start as you mean to carry on The advantage of building a new house is that you have the opportunity to incorporate money and time-saving technology from the start. Some things to consider are: Energy efficiency As technology advances, the cost of many energy-saving options is decreasing. Solar heating and heat pump hot water cylinders are now a lot more accessible. A plethora of energysaving lighting options are available. Insulation The better the insulation, the easier and cheaper a house is to heat and cool. Insulation products available today help keep modern 24 | w w w. l a n d m a r k h o m e s. co. nz homes snug in winter and at a comfortable temperature in summer. This extends to doors and windows with plenty of clever design tricks at your disposal. You may even want to consider soundproofing walls and doors, giving more flexibility around the positioning of rooms in your new home. Heating and cooling Maintaining a pleasant temperature not only keeps your home comfortable, it also keeps it healthy. From floor heating, space heaters and ducted heat pumps to radiant and outdoor heating, we can advise you on the best heating and cooling systems to suit the space before it is built. Water efficiency With many councils now charging for water consumption it is important to make every drop count. From dishwashers and washing machines to showerheads and taps, there are plenty of clever choices available to stop your money going down the drain. Smart home Imagine using your mobile phone to set your security system, control the temperature of your home, programme your entertainment system or even turn appliances on and off. If it sounds futuristic, think again. The future is now and at Landmark Homes we can show you the way.