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LEFT Design and Build MAIN LEFT Waihopai design BELOW Austin design The practicalities While we believe a beautiful bathroom is a must-have in every house, functionality is equally important. Think about what doesn’t work for you in your current bathroom – is the shower too small or the toilet too close to the wall? Is there enough room to hang all the towels? Is there enough lighting? Enough bench space? Enough storage? Trends – now and in the future Nothing dates a bathroom more than a coloured bathroom suite. While no-one can predict the future, it’s probably pretty safe to say that avocado green and salmon pink bathroom suites are unlikely to come back into fashion any time soon. Choosing bathroom furniture that is neutral and simple, yet sumptuous, will stand you in good stead for the future. If you want to add a pop of colour, buy brightly coloured towels and accessories that you can change easily. Colour schemes aside, there are some trends emerging, some of which we share with you below: Toilet suites Simple shapes and clean lines are in favour, with leanings towards function over fashion. If you prefer a more classical look, you might opt for a back-to-wall suite. However, wall-hung toilet suites are preferred in many new houses as they have a smaller footprint and are easier to clean. There is also new technology to consider, such as rim flushing and water economy. Baths Dress it up Free-standing baths are extremely popular in new-builds, adding an air of luxury and indulgence, but if you don’t have room for one, a semi-recessed bath with tiled surrounds, will give the same feeling of opulence, while creating a sense of space. If you have the room, feature chairs, side tables, shelving, and potted plants, add a special feel to a bathroom, enhancing its ambience as a place of retreat. Taps Vanities and basins The shape and style of vanity and basin you choose for your bathroom sets the tone. While all-in-one vanities remain popular, there has been a resurgence in vessel basins. Whichever you choose, don’t lose sight of its purpose, which is to wash, clean and store. Tips: • Choose your bathroom vanity first, and the rest will follow. • Think about who will be using the bathroom at the same time – do you need double basins? • Plan your lighting around the mirror. w w w.l andmar k ho m e s. c o. n z | 21