Client Books Landmark Homes - Page 17

ABOVE Kerehi design Scenario 3: Divide and conquer The process You are living the ‘quarter acre dream’. You have a house and garden and room to spare. You want to make the most of the space but you can’t because your house is in the wrong place. Older homes with larger land parcels are not always positioned optimally. If you own or are planning to buy a site that is sub-dividable, with the intention of adding a second, or even third, dwelling, the existing house may be hindering your plans. Remove and Rebuild gives you more options. Before we even think about removing an existing dwelling, a full evaluation is carried out, taking into account all the possible pitfalls. This includes everything, from site zoning, existing use rights and access for heavy machinery, to which trees you would like to keep. Once this initial assessment has been completed, the real planning can begin. Working together, we build a clear picture of your new home, before going to the design, and then build phase. Before you know it, you have a new home, without leaving the street. Out with the old Older houses can be cold, draughty and a lot of work to maintain, whereas new houses are designed with comfort in mind. Replacing an older house with a new one can have many benefits, including: • A warmer living environment due to double glazing and robust insulation • Improved energy efficiency • Minimal maintenance • Fantastic water pressure • Life-enhancing technology • Maximum resale value • A blank canvas on which to make your mark... a Landmark w w ˛[