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HEAT PUMP DRYERS Heat pump dryers set new standards in energy efficiency with 6 star energy ratings. The basis
 of heat pump technology: dry air is warmed with a heat pump. In contrast to standard condenser dryers, the heat produced is continually re-used, enabling energy savings of up to 47%, compared to conventional condenser dryers. PERFECT DRY Miele’s PerfectDry system continually measures the remaining humidity of the laundry to ensure perfect drying results: reliably, regardless of water quality. This technology recognises the conductivity of the water and customises the drying process accordingly, preventing over- or under-drying, and ensuring the desired degree of dryness every time. SELF CLEAN The ActiveAir dryer, engineered by Bosch, is a heat pump model featuring a maintenance free condenser unit. The condenser is automatically cleaned up to four times during the drying cycle, eliminating the need for manual cleaning of the condenser filters. SHUSH A brushless DC (direct current) motor reduces operating noise for a quieter drying cycle. 96