Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 94

CONDENSER DRYERS Condenser dryers are another option for homes where it is not possible to vent a dryer to the outdoors. A condenser dryer is the ideal option for stacking with a matching front load washer, which can be discreetly hidden behind cabinetry in your laundry or kitchen – a perfect solution for apartments. HEAT EXCHANGER Heated air is passed through the drying load while a heat exchanger cools the air, condensing the water vapour into a water container. Some models feature an integrated drain hose with hose stowage, allowing you to drain the water directly into the sink or into the drain, and eliminating the need to empty the condensate container. HALF FILL For best results, it is recommended that you should only ever half-fill the dryer with clothes to maximise efficiency and reduce drying times. So choosing a dryer that is around the same specified capacity as your washing machine is ideal. DRUM REVERSAL Altering the direction of the spin at irregular intervals prevents tangles and ensures even drying with fewer creases. 93