Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 93

FRONT LOAD WASHERS There has been a noticeable lift in the preference for front load washers. These appliances are gentler on clothing and more energy efficient than top load washers. The size of front load washers is increasing, with models now available with up to 10kg wash capacity. SMART THINKING Laundry is made easy and convenient with innovative, smart technology. Smart Control lets you remotely control and monitor your Samsung washing machine using an App on your smartphone. From anywhere inside or outside the house where there’s a wireless network, you can instantly start or pause your washing and keep an eye on cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts when the cycle is complete. Time your wash cycles around your life and never wait around for laundry again! DETERGENT SAVINGS Innovative automatic detergent dispensers in offer the ultimate in user convenience. With this unique system, powder and liquid detergents
are dispensed automatically and precisely. Each dispenser supplies only as much detergent as required to achieve optimum results at the press of a button, with detergent savings of up to 30%. POWER TIP In the case of a power cut, the door can be released for removal of your washing. 92