Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 90

LAUNDRY The modern laundry is getting larger, and is a much more communal space that in the past – it is likely to be used by everyone in the family. It is also likely to have built-in ironing boards, bench space and drying racks, and the latest appliance technology. MAXIMISE SPACE Many matching dryers and washing machines can be stacked with the aid of a stacking kit, which anchor the machines together in a tower formation to ensure stability and ease of use. This is particularly useful when your laundry is located behind cupboard doors or the laundry space is simply limited. A kit that includes a pull out shelf allows for convenient placement of a laundry basket and is also ideal for folding your laundry. Also designed to raise your washing machine or dryer, Bosch have created platforms which come with a convenient pull out drawer for storing cleaning products or accessories in your laundry. SERVICE All Miele washers and dryers have an integral PC interface. In case of a fault, the Miele service engineer can communicate with your appliance via a laptop and quickly identify the source of the problem. This interface is also used on some models to load additional programme packages, thus future-proofing your washing machine. SAVINGS Front load washers typically use less water, power and powder when compared to a top load machine. 89