Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 86

WINE CABINETS & CONDITIONERS Designed to keep wine at precisely the right temperature and humidity, wine cabinets are available from Kitchen Things in a large selection of capacities and finishes. Smaller size underbench cabinets are ideal for serving drinks while the larger conditioners are for longer-term wine storage. UV PROTECTION All light is damaging to wine, UV light in particular, as it creates hydrogen sulphide compounds in wine, affecting both the tannins and the colour of wine. Wine cabinets protect your wine with UV-treated tinted glass doors, dark interiors and dimmed LED lights. HUMIDITY CONTROL Too little humidity means corks will dry out and shrink, subjecting wine to oxidisation. Vintec and Transtherm wine cabinets incorporate a thermal pump system that ensures adequate humidity levels are maintained (55% or greater) by heating condensed water, which is then introduced as humid air within the cabinet. CIRCULATING AIR Internal and external fans ensure that there is a slow reticulated airflow throughout the wine cabinet. Selected models also include a carbon filter to limit any odours penetrating the cabinet. Without constant air circulation, mould can grow on the corks and labels, causing the air inside the wine cabinet to become stale. MATCHING PAIR Beverage cabinets – available in a matching finish to some wine cabinets – feature metal racks to keep your beer and soft drinks at the perfect serving temperature. 85