Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 85

INTEGRATED & SINGLE DOOR REFRIGERATION Fully integrated refrigeration solutions are designed for a fitted kitchen cabinet to perfectly complement existing kitchen appliances and designs. In Miele’s range of refrigeration the Soft Close anti-slam door system ensures the door of each unit closes smoothly, quietly and automatically from an angle of 30°. ICONIC 50s STYLE With beautiful bold colour finishes, highperformance technology and soft round curves reminiscent of 1950s retro design, these fridges truly stand out from the crowd. Smeg has also developed a range of other appliances with exactly the same vintage theme: refrigerators in various sizes and with various capacities, washing machines and dishwashers. COOLDRAWER A unique offering from Fisher & Paykel, the CoolDrawer™ is a multi-temperature drawerbased fridge. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, home or entertainment area. The CoolDrawer™ provides five temperature settings to deliver total flexibility – fridge, freezer, chill, pantry and wine mode – combining intelligence with convenience. COOL IDEA Multi-cooling systems maintain humidity and eliminate the transfer of odours between fridge and freezer, so your food stays fresher for longer. 84