Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 82

SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATION These are the perfect choice for large families and those who like to entertain. Selected models contain a home bar – a separate compartment for regularly accessed drinks and food – that can be accessed without having to open the fridge door. A filtered water and ice dispenser that is recessed into the door is another key feature to consider. Drawers pull out for convenient loading, making it easier to find your favourite food quickly and without fuss. FOOD SHOWCASE The Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator’s outer door allows for quick access to all your family’s most frequently used foods, without having to access the entire fridge, ensuring a more consistent temperature. The Showcase door includes 6 generous compartments to store regularly accessed types of food such as healthy snacks, milk, cheese, sauces and drinks. A metal cooling panel on the inside of the front door helps to maintain an optimal temperature within the fridge, so food stays fresher for longer, even if you frequently open and close the Showcase door. LED LIGHTING LED lights are maintenance free and illuminate the internal cabinet perfectly. Compared to a standard light bulb, LED lighting is particularly energy efficient CHILLED TO PERFECTION Fresh meat, fish, ready-cooked and chilled food are kept at around 0°C for safer and longer storage. 81