Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 81

FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATION French door refrigerators put everything within easy reach. Large freezer drawers slide out
so that you can see all your frozen items at a glance. There is plenty of room in the refrigerator interior, which can accommodate large platters. A foldable shelf allows for tall or bulky items to be stored, while deep storage bins inside the fridge doors hold large bottles of milk or juice. SPARKLING WATER Samsung’s French door refrigerator features the convenience of a built-in chilled sparkling and still water dispenser, all powered by SodaStream. With 3 levels of carbonation you can create up to 60L of sparkling water using replaceable cartridges, easily accessed on the inside of the freezer door. The ice dispenser is at least 45mm narrower than previous Samsung icemakers, which opens up more shelf space for taller groceries such as bottled beverages. SMART SENSORS Smart sensors can measure climate, humidity and temperature – morning, day and night – to help ensure optimal cooling in the refrigerator. You have peace of mind that food quality will not be affected by outside change in temperature, and the fridge will only use as much energy as it needs, making if more energy efficient. WATER TIP If you are unable to connect a water line for the ice and water dispenser, consider a manual fill model or separate filtered water tap. 80