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WASTE DISPOSERS Waste disposers are available with motors in a range of sizes. Kitchen Things recommends choosing a high-performance unit that will get the job done quickly, quietly and efficiently. One feature to look for is microprocessor technology, which detects when the motor is under extra load and delivers more power to boost the grinding capability. AIR SWITCH A convenient alternative to a wall switch, an air-activated switch easily mounts to the sink or benchtop. It is perfect for island installations and works with most disposer models. THE ENVIRONMENT While composting and worm farms are the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of food waste from households, waste disposers are the best system for disposing of food waste such as meat, fish, soft bones and dairy products, which should not be composted. It is also a 100% better alternative to throwing any food waste in a rubbish bin and ideal for commercial and apartment environments where composting is not a viable option. EASY INSTALL All waste d isposers available from Kitchen Things have a universal mount system meaning they fit will fit any sink, no matter what disposer you’re replacing. 75