Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 72

TAPS Taps have become a key design feature in the modern home. Whether you are looking for the latest designer mixer, spray feature or a tap that changes the apparent colour of the water according to its temperature, you will find it at Kitchen Things. INSTANTLY REFRESHED Instant boiling water or refreshing chilled water is now available at any time of the day or night. Exclusive to Kitchen Things, the Billi’s B5000 model incorporates eco-intelligence software to eliminate unnecessary power consumption. Its space-saving efficiency and elegant, functional style are designed for high use and meet green building design principles. At only 18cm wide, the B5000 has the smallest footprint of any combined boiling and chilled filtered water system available. Because of the low heat generated for the chiller system, this model does not require cupboard ventilation or an external cooling fan. Instead, its design incorporates a unique air cooling system that further enhances efficiency. QUICK TIP Simply press a lever for a single cup of water or lift for continuous flow. 71