Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 69

DISHWASHERS Dishwashers are now quicker to load, with versatile baskets and cutlery trays, and easy to use with intuitive control panels. In advanced models, sensors automatically adjust the water, temperature and wash action to suit the load. They are also a lot quieter than their predecessors, with better drying systems – for example, they are designed to avoid water pooling on the tops of upturned glasses. As well as freestanding, underbench, built in and integrated models, Kitchen Things offers extra tall, 90cm horizontal, 45cm tall, drawer and even retro style options. HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT Integrated appliances are very much in vogue today, as designers opt for pared-back interiors. Refrigerators, dishwashers and power packs can all be integrated into your cabinetry. Fully integrated dishwashers have the added advantage of a quieter operation. RUNNING COSTS Energy and water rating stickers are displayed on all dishwashers, helping you to select the most economical model for your needs. 68