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RANGEHOOD DUCTING Ducted rangehoods use multi-layered filters to catch large particles of fat and grease before expelling steam and odours to the exterior of the house. To provide efficient airflow the filters need to be washed regularly – they are generally dishwasher safe on a hot wash cycle. KEY CONSIDERATIONS Choosing your ducting is also a key consideration. Certain types of ducting, such
as the soft flexiduct used for air ventilation are unsuitable as they reduce the rangehood’s ability to draw off cooking vapours. The turbulence caused when using this type of ducting can also be very noisy. Kitchen Things stock various ducting kits suitable for all models and our specialist staff will help guide you as to the most efficient and effective option for your home. HELPFUL HINT A length of no more than 3 metres of semi-rigid aluminium ducting is recommended for optimum rangehood performance. 61