Client Books Kitchen Things E-Brouchure - Page 58

RANGEHOODS Rangehoods are designed to remove steam, grease and odours from your kitchen while helping to keep your home healthy, hygienic and fresh. They can be a feature element or an invisible worker that quickly and quietly removes steam and odours. The first thing to consider is how powerful it will need to be, or more importantly, how much cooking vapour will need to be removed to maintain a comfortable kitchen climate. Generally rangehoods need to turn over at least six times the volume of air in your kitchen or cooking area every hour. SIZE & STYLE So what type of ventilation would work best for you? Before you decide, you will need to determine what size and style of cooktop the hood will be working above and whether the exhaust will be vented to the outdoors. Wall-mounted rangehoods remain the more cost-effective option when high performance is essential. These hoods are also the most powerful and are well suited to Asian cooking. A rangehood with a high extraction rate will not usually need to run at full power but that extra suction is there if you need it. When
used at lower extraction rates, noise levels are significantly reduced. FRESH AIR Turn on the rangehood before you start cooking and leave it on for a while afterwards to ensure any cooking smells are replaced with fresh air. 57